Management of flight:


   Created on the basis of advanced achievements in microelectronics, the electrical engineering and technology, the hexacopter deduces us on a new level of availability aerophoto-and videofixings. Stabilization of positioning on satellite navigation in 3 planes, the automatic control of flight, many other systems which are responsible for simplification of control, work in common and completely in coordination. Application of the newest lithium-polymeric accumulators of the big capacity has allowed to create a flying multi-purpose complex with unreal power efficiency, as at the standard metalcutting machine tool! Brushless electric motors (6*385 Вт) instantly type or dump turns.


    The pilotless complex has onboard three independent radio channels of telemetry and positioning. One of channels is deduced on a computer, another is connected to the independent module of indication which are being directly at the pilot. The third channel is built in radio equipment of control. The telemetry provides continuous monitoring all major parameters of flight and operating modes of systems of a complex. Control also is duplicated by the second post connected to a computer through a personal radio channel. Record of all parameters of flight on a memory card, that allows to make after end of flight is conducted Its "analysis".

    The onboard transmitter of video signal provides broadcasting the image of high quality on the ground monitor in a mode of real time for maintenance of exact prompting photo-and videoequipments

With hope for mutually advantageous cooperation


Before flights instructing under the safety precautions is made. For rise and landing the corridor in width from 5 meters, free from people and technics should be provided. Realization of aerial photograph in the territories forbidden for flights (near to the airports, above the brisk automobile lines, near military objects) is impossible. Aerial photograph in similar territories is possible only from the written sanction of corresponding bodies. For reception of similar sanctions the customer of shootings completely answers. The free platform removed from a place of carrying out of mass action not less than on 10 meters above which flight will be made is necessary for carrying out of shootings of a mass congestion of people and to be carried out photo-or a video shooting. For the reasons of storm handicapes on the equipment of radio of management, flights before and in time thunder-storms are impossible. Speed of a wind for realization of aerial photograph should not exceed 7 km/s for the open spaces, and no more than 2 km/s for aerial photograph in immediate proximity from motionless or mobile objects

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